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Queueing Hub

Using our Queueing Hub enables you to establish call queueing and automatic call distribution on your incoming calls for your company or organization.

There are three ways to connect or link your own infrastructure to our Queueing Hub:

  1. We will provide you special dial-in phone numbers and you redirect your own phone numbers onto them.
  2. You will order international phone numbers and link them to the Queueing Hub.
  3. You deliver calls to our Queueing Hub via SIP.

All incoming callers will hear a special (personalized according to your company or organization) welcome message followed by music while the system starts looking, whether there are active agents registered in your Queueing Hub. If so, the system will try to call one agent after the other till one agent is reached. The caller then will be connected to that agent. If no active agent is registered the caller will be able to leave a message.

Your staff will be able to register (or unregister) as an active agent with a call to the Queueing Hub (identified by their caller id and/or PIN code).

There are two ways for call termination:

  1. We will route outgoing calls throu our own network and linked providers using white and premium routes.
  2. We will deliver all outgoing calls to your own infrastructure via SIP.

If you are interested in getting your own Queueing Hub, please contact us.